Becoming a Registered Design & Technology Health & Safety Consultant (RDTHSC)

Becoming a Registered Design & Technology Health & Safety Consultant (RDTHSC)

Suitably qualified and experienced design and technology staff can apply to become a Registered Design and Technology Health and Safety Consultant (RDTHSC), enabling them to provide training and accreditation to the D&T Association standards, working to a Code of Practice. 

All RDTHSCs are required to have public liability and professional indemnity insurance*

  • Public liability covers the legal liability for third party injury or property damage arising in the course of your business and legal costs and expenses for defence prosecution under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
  • Professional indemnity covers breach of professional duty due to negligence, error or omission and incorrect professional advice where the client suffers financial loss.

It is the responsibility of each RDTHSC to ensure they have appropriate cover in place and those employed by a Local Authority or educational establishment need to check that the insurance cover provided by their employer is adequate, particularly if they will be working outside their normal area of employment such as at another school. It is expected that all consultants attend the D&T Association Health and Safety Conference when held.

RDTHSC registration must be renewed annually.

The application form and notes of guidance are both available on the main website.


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